Aircraft Seating

Aerofoam Industries is the leading supplier of aircraft seat cushions, fire-block covers, dress covers, and thermoformed components in the United States.

Aircraft Seat CushionsAll fabrication is done in our 80,000 square foot facility located in Southern California. Our unique high-speed manufacturing process allows us to produce bottoms, backs, and headrests that are extremely comfortable, light weight, and very economical.

Our Engineering /Design department can create new cushion designs for your aircraft seating as well as work from a sample, drawing, or solid model. Whether we are creating a new design or reverse engineering a cushion assembly, we can certify the compliance of this design to FAR 25.853 (A) and (C), as well as Airbus specifications.

Our in-house sewing department gives us the ability to fire-block cushions, sew dress covers, and assemble the cushions complete and ready to ship to your door for installation. This value added service saves you considerable cost and time.

Aerofoams Aircraft Seating

“If we can make a difference on one flight, by saving weight and multiply that by 500 airplanes in our fleet, the savings are huge.”

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